Cost estimation

As the world trade changing, the shipowners need to be ready for new market opportunities. That means monitoring the options to increase the number of alternative shipping services, and a wider range of vessels specialization. Getting Plan B ready, you need to stay on top of the requirements for various types and sizes of vessels, and areas of operation. Any decision should base on OPEX budget made for each specific case.

Several firms are producing valuable economic information on costs associated with shipping, however, as their studies are normally generic, the challenge remains when it comes to the application of the information from analysts to your specific situation.

When it comes to fleet operating budgets, the estimation should be based on the precise and accurate information taking into account the type of vessel, type of employment, and an area of the operation.

Any shipping company business plan should include the thoroughly completed calculation of the vessel running costs including crew costs, insurance, stores, spares and other categories, applied for the specific vessels.

We provide services on budgets estimation for various assets types and operational areas. 

The workflow for the process:

1. Key criteria and cost categories for the estimation

2. Assumptions to the estimation 

3. Estimation analysis and report 

4. Q&A 

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