Shipcosts took part at the Offshore Vessel Connect Global Conference on the 13-14 November in Oslo with the presentation "OPEX Optimisation, Digitalisation and Crew Communication". Facing the challenging offshore market, the industry executives have to make decisions to digitalise ship management processes in order to proceed with cost reduction measures. OPEX Index has never been lower since 2008, but in fact, we do not have enough evidence that this tendency was due to an innovative approach to cost management. This was rather driven by the reactive cost-cutting measures that have a negative impact on safety and quality.

Another issue was discussed in terms of operating costs management, and that was how we measure performance improvement via digitalisation. Although new technology enhances transparency with the clients via improved communication and makes the company looks better in front of the regulatory bodies, it is difficult to estimate the actual financial savings.

Digitalisation and making correct decisions in terms of digital future of the ships and rigs will impact the safety of the environment and people, especially crew onboard. Therefore it is important that the industry leaders are aware of the risk associated with the implementation of digital solutions. Here is the movie presented.