Shipcosts AS has reached the final stage in the development of its first crew change application, and with the view of next month's system release, we are glad to introduce website You will find a system functionality description, its' main features, and will read our insights for three groups of users: shipping and offshore companies, crew members and port agents. 

Jurnez (easy journey) is the first crew change management system, digitizing the most time-consuming process of crew change management, and making crew change logistics easy and simple task for crew managers and manning agents. 

Crew members will benefit from the free app by being always updated on the recent crew change plan, able to communicate an important message to the relevant group including crew members, the vessel, a port agent and the company if something extraordinary occurred during the travel. 

Crews are grouped according to the traveling plans and can communicate safe and secure with each other within the group. This feature provides the opportunity for seafarers to be aware of the situations when somebody’s flight is delayed or re-scheduled, when the port of call has been changed, or contact information from the agent has been amended. 

And how the system will add value to the work of Crew Managers and Port Agents? Read at