With the hundreds of other participants, Shipcosts AS is attending The International WISTA AGM & Conference in Tromsø - Norway's Arctic Capital, on the 25th of October. At the session devoted to female entrepreneurs Olga Brattekaas will be speaking about the challenges of changing the business through facing the fears and how do today's entrepreneurs identify new market opportunities. The new application Jurnez developed by Shipcosts AS, is a great evidence of what can be achieved by the innovative approach, technology, and true belief into your idea.   

“Breaking the Ice - Developing dialogues for sustainable business in the Arctic” is the main theme for the conference. "Based on this overall theme, the conference will deliver keynote speeches and panel discussions covering Leadership, Competence, the Environment, Search & Rescue, the Digital Shift, and Green Technology. These are all linked to opportunities and challenges for the maritime industry in the Arctic region taking into consideration the changing ice conditions and the opening of new sailing routes."

We are excited to be part of the event and enjoy great atmosphere of Tromsø!