Shipcosts AS has received an invitation to join OIW 100 Pitches during the most exciting event of this year - Oslo Innovation Week, where we will introduce our digital product Jurnez (easy journey), the application for marine crew change management. 

Oslo Innovation Week takes place in Oslo for the 14th time this year, gathering the most innovative start-ups and investors to create valuable business solutions to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals through innovation and technology. 

It is an exciting opportunity to pitch our digital application Jurnez, which we believe is an important step towards the implementation of the idea of Digital Crew Manager when the greatest assets of the shipping and offshore companies - their people - are handled with the respect and great focus on safety and security.  

Jurnez - is the crew change (or crew travel) management system, automating the most time-consuming process for the crewing managers. It is a combination of web and mobile applications to manage the maritime personnel during their signing on and off the vessels or oil platforms. We believe that the unique functionality of the application will contribute to the vessels' performance efficiency and the safety of traveling personnel.  

Come and meet us at the event on the 25th of September at Oslo City Hall.