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From July 2015 till February 2017I was busy leading crewing department of international seismic shipping company Seabird Exploration, as a part of in-house ship management. With main focus on cost effective crewing models and OPEX cost-saving initiatives through 2015 and 2016, team efforts led to 24% vessel OPEX reduction. “We have substantially changed our crew cost structure and now estimate that 50% or more of total offshore employee costs are tied to flexible contracts. This allows us immediately to reduce expenses when vessels are idle. Furthermore, we have established new procedures and cost targets for inactive vessels. These procedures not only target crew costs, but are also aimed at other operating expenses. The effect of this enhanced cost elasticity is to improve earnings in robust markets, but equally importantly, to quickly and substantially reduce costs in weaker markets”, says company 2016 financial report. This exercise gave me an idea to set up “Shipcosts”, an innovative project to assist shipping companies to optimize OPEX by using new technology and digital solutions.

From June 2012 till July 2015 I was lucky to prove myself in commercial world and get understating of ship management market. My experience as Regional Manager for Bibby Ship Management Group of Companies in Scandinavia succeeded in growth of the international company client portfolio which eventually led to profitable sale of the business in 2015.

From December 2008 till June 2012In 2008 I and my business partner joined Bibby Group by setting up “Bibby Ship Management Eastern Europe” Ltd and Dynamic Positioning Training Centre in Ukraine, invested by Bibby Ship Management Group. The corporate package we were offering to offshore and tanker shipping companies proved to be attractive for shipowners and within four years we have signed 15 corporative contracts resulted in increased annual turnover of the company from zero to 15 m USD.

From June 2006 till December 2008I was co-owner and managing director of crewing agency “MA Olevent”, prior to that I worked for first in Ukraine maritime training centre approved to certify seamen according to the requirements of STCW 78, as amended. I have Diploma (with Honor) in Maritime Business Management and MSc in Chemistry & Technology. 

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