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For the information about crew change app JURNEZ (easy journey) please visit 

Shipcosts is an innovative company to assist shipping and offshore industry to optimize vessels operating expenses (OPEX) by digital high-tech tools. By categorizing the costs and understanding the drivers behind each category, we identify the innovative solutions for optimizing vessels operating expenses. We also provide expert advice on the OPEX estimation for various types of assets, to financial institutions and investors, and benchmarking exercises for various costs categories. 

This year our company has received a grant from Innovation Norway to develop digital web- and mobile-based application to optimize crew change process. Jurnez - easy journey will be the first system automating the crew change process that will significantly reduce logistic noise and paper burden for the crew managers. For more information please visit 

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22 october 2018

With the hundreds of other participants, Shipcosts AS is attending The International WISTA AGM & Conference in Tromsø - Norway's Arctic Capital, on the 25th of October. At the session devoted to female entrepreneurs Olga Brattekaas will be speaking about the challenges of changing the business through facing the fears and how do today's entrepreneurs identify new market opportunities. The new application Jurnez developed by Shipcosts AS, is a great evidence of what can be achieved by the innovative approach, technology, and true belief into your idea.

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06 september 2018

Shipcosts AS has received an invitation to join OIW 100 Pitches during the most exciting event of this year - Oslo Innovation Week, where we will introduce our digital product Jurnez (easy journey), the application for marine crew change management.

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25 july 2018

Olga Brattekaas discusses inspiration behind Shipcosts's crew-change app Jurnez.

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About Me

I am Olga Brattekaas, the founder and idea generator of Shipcosts. A lot in our life happens by chance. In my case everything was about my first job. 13 years ago, I joined maritime world and never left it again. In fact, shipping industry has become something I am passionate about.

During my 13 years career, I have been at management positions for 8 years, gaining priceless experience in ship management, cost control and human resource leadership. The idea of “Shipcosts” was born thanks to painpoints our crewing team experienced while trying to balance between crew quality & safety and cost reduction, during last few years. In current market environment, no single maritime company would disregard the matter of continuous OPEX improvement.

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Olga Brattekaas
From problem to profit
Keep track of your crew
safety while they are travelling
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Work in silo
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Big Data for effective decision making. Feedback from your crew
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strategy via your people onboard
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Should crewing be outsourced or managed in house?
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Frequently asked Questions

Maritime business is transforming through the digitization, and the process is inevitable. While everyone agrees that it is the way to move on, the companies currently are at the different digitization stages. The main challenges remain to be internal friction within the company, cyber attacks, data transparency and confidentiality of information. Digitization will continue to change the shipping landscape and it is time for the industry players to acquire new skills and change the mindset to stay ahead of competition.


Let’s consider two similar companies with the same struggle to get income. From the investor's prospective the company will be more attractive if business processes are optimized with innovative solutions and new technology.


Well, “The old diet does not work anymore”. We need new innovative ideas to optimize business processes. Moreover, as the world is moving from the information era to the era of the customer, the digital platforms should be developed in collaboration with the clients, to address their challenges and meet their expectations.


Although we support the idea of sharing information, we believe that financials should be kept confidential, therefore NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) should be the part of the process of OPEX optimization.


Yes, we have access to world-wide resources for cost saving measures to be implemented.

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